Andreas Johansson


Andreas started playing in 2002 and poker has been his sole income for the last three years. Andreas began receiving coaching from John Anhalt on PokerZion in 2008, and moved up from small stakes to high stakes games fairly quickly.

"I started out playing Limit back at 2003 and switched to No limit 2006 and never looked back. Since then I have tried everything, I have been playing both LAG and TAG and have experimented with a lot of different ideas and approaches.

The thing that really made me click was when I realized that each situation in poker is unique and there is no set rules that can tell you the best line. Instead you need to build a really solid thought process that allows you to reach the best decision in each particular situation. Which means that you know what information you should look for and how to use this information to run over your opposition.

I have a good understanding on what it takes to beat the smaller stakes of poker, both from experience and my knowledge about poker. I know some easier changes you can make to start making profits really really fast at the smaller stakes and still having the wiggle room to explore the deeper fundamentals." -Andreas

Poker Vitals

  • Expertise: Tournament's and short handed cash games
  • Preferred Games: High Stakes MTT's and Cash games
  • Present Buy-in Limits: $3/$6NL - $100/$200 NL, $5/$10 - $50/$100 PLO
  • Notable wins: 1st Sunday 2nd chance ($56k), 3rd FTOPS 300r ($76k), PS 55k back-to-back 1st ($22k) & 2nd (15k), 7th Sunday Million ($23.2k), 4th Sunday Mulligan ($10.7k), 9th Turning Stone 5K ($12.7k), 5th PS $200+15 ($10.2k), 1st FTP Main Event Qualifier (12k). VIEW CASH GAME STATS HERE
  • Quote: "Castles made of sand fall into the sea, eventually." - Jimi

Services Offered & Pricing

Sweating/Coaching $50-$100/hr (variable depending on stakes)
Observe Andreas Play Online w/ Teamviewer $80/hr
Video Lesson Review $100/hr of video