Andrew Boccia

Andrew is a Professional Poker Player from Metro Detroit. He has been taking poker seriously since 2002, and playing as a fulltime professional since 2006. Andrew started off playing live $5 SNG's with his friends for fun. This peaked his interest and eventually he made a small deposit onto Party Poker and has grown his bankroll from there.  Andrew has a wide range of experience including everything from online play to live play, micro stakes to high stakes, heads up to 6max to fullring cash games as well as SNG's and MTT's.

"I have always enjoyed playing different games, and then attempting to figure out game-theory. Poker was an excellent fit for me because, the game is incredibly complex, and the game revolves around money, making it a good fit to play professionally. I have logged many millions of hands, and have experimented with a lot of different winning strategies. My game is a strong and consistently evolving mold based on everything I have learned from study and practice. I play and beat mid to high stakes cash games consistently. I have lot's to giveback and this is why I have teamed up with as a Mentor. I look forward to helping you grow your game, and aiding you in becoming the best poker player you can be." -Andrew

Andrew can be seen on PokerStars playing under "AndrewBoccia" 

Poker Vitals

  • Expertise: Cash Game Specialist
  • Preferred Games: No-limit Holdem (6-max, Heads-up, and Full Ring)
  • Present Buy-in Limits: $2/$4NL - $10/$20 NL
  • Current win-rates: VIEW THEM HERE
  • Quote: "I love pie" - Me

Services Offered & Pricing

Sweating/Coaching $125/hr
Observe Andrew Play Online w/ Teamviewer $100/hr