Russell Blattberg

Russell's been playing poker seriously for over five years. He built his poker bankroll playing S&G's and MTT's and then switched over to 6-max cash games. He's played at nearly every level from the smallest stakes, to some of the largest online games. He now plays primarily $2/$4 NL - $10/$20 NL cash games, and still plays many MTT's too. He's gone deep in the WSOP main event (finishing 299th), and also won a WPT circuit event for 112k.

"I've been coaching poker for the last year and a half, and one thing is clear, I can teach anyone to become a winning player, or a winner to become a bigger winner.  I specialize in S&G, MTT's, and no-limit cash games.  I clearly convey my thoughts and am able to find most leaks within an hour of coaching. I am patient, and hard working and will give you every edge that I know of for your game and profit.  Since I’ve played at almost every level available I can help any player beginner, intermediate, or advanced.  I look forward to coaching and assisting you in becoming the best poker player that you can be." – Russell 

Poker Vitals

  • Expertise: Tournament's and short handed cash games
  • Preferred Games: High Stakes MTT's and Cash games
  • Present Buy-in Limits: $3/$6NL - $100/$200 NL, $5/$10 - $50/$100 PLO
  • Notable wins: 1st Sunday 2nd chance ($56k), 3rd FTOPS 300r ($76k), PS 55k back-to-back 1st ($22k) & 2nd (15k), 7th Sunday Million ($23.2k), 4th Sunday Mulligan ($10.7k), 9th Turning Stone 5K ($12.7k), 5th PS $200+15 ($10.2k), 1st FTP Main Event Qualifier (12k). VIEW CASH GAME STATS HERE
  • Quote: "Castles made of sand fall into the sea, eventually." - Jimi

Services Offered & Pricing

Sweating/Coaching $100-300/hr (variable depending on stakes)
Observe Russ Play Online w/ Teamviewer $150/hr
Video Lesson Review $150/hr of video
  • Individualized training program, focusing on how to correct your biggest leaks. ($59 value)
  • 4 one hour private lessons, combining the use of a dialectical approach to understanding your thought process, and sweating (observing you play online). ($500-$1100 value)
  • Theory videos, and learning modules provided based on the analysis of your poker strengths and weaknesses. ($99 value)
  • E-mail support, including hand analysis (up to 8 hands) to address any questions you have about the new information you've acquired. ($79 value)
  • All students information is tracked in our coaching database for future reference and tracking of your progress. (Priceless)