Tommy Chen

Tommy started playing online poker in 2005. He deposited 200 dollars on Party poker right after his 18th birthday  during his first week at UC Berkeley.  Tommy  began to build his bankroll from .10/.20 limit holdem using conservative Bankroll management. Early in 2006, he switched over to the game he used to play for extra cash with his high school buddy, the Cadillac of poker, No Limit holdem.  Starting at .25/.50 NLHE, he quickly moved through the ranks and by the end of 2007 it was good bye engineering program and hello full time poker. He now plays anything from 2/4- 25/50 NLHE, PLO and any tournaments online $100+ with great success in all formats of the games.

“I was always a very intuitive mathematician, so that aspect of poker came pretty naturally with a few books and videos. The hardest thing for me to learn was all the intangibles such as separating poker from life, emotional control, “soul reads”, tells, etc.”

Tommy can be seen playing high stakes cash games online at Pokerstars as: tcblade

Poker Vitals

  • Expertise: Heads up- short handed cash games
  • Preferred Games: High Stakes No-limit and Omaha Cash games
  • Present Buy-in Limits: $3/$6NL - $100/$200 NL, $5/$10 - $50/$100 PLO
  • Cash Game stats: VIEW CASH GAME STATS HERE
  • Quote: "I'm pretty good"

Services Offered & Pricing

Sweating/Coaching $250/hr